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Selling Sin 2: Twice the Price Eliza DeGaulle

Selling Sin 2: Twice the Price

Eliza DeGaulle

Published February 19th 2014
Kindle Edition
30 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

April has bitten the forbidden fruit once - and the temptation to indulge again is far too strong.It hasnt been long since April, a Christian school teacher, sold her first time to a billionaire. She told herself it was all for her school, who needed a miracle that only a high class call girls paycheck could deliver. The schools financial troubles, though, dont seem to be over. April realizes she has the perfect excuse to once again pursue the joy that her faith has taught her is only for a man and his wife.A curveball is thrown at her though - hired to cheer up a widower, she finds he wants nothing to do with a prostitute. With her paycheck in hand, is she going to take the money and run? Or will she risk her fertility again to help a heartbroken man? Is she ready to take two clients at the same time, in acts that are very much ungodly?The second chapter of the Selling Sin series. 8700 words. Contains themes of breeding, impregnation, menage, and reluctant heroines.