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Magic Casements Marc Alexander

Magic Casements

Marc Alexander

ISBN : 9780747230267
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 About the Book 

The second book in the series. Kristian, Alwad and assorted companions, are still searching for the Princess Livia. They must travel to the city of Tharn to find the next clues in their Quest, but the Regent has sent his army there to destroy the heretic priests. Getting across the desert and into a town under siege is bad enough, but escaping again proves just as challenging. And once they do, they come across a mysterious domain with problems of its own. In order to get on with their quest, they must stay to help.Like the first part, the pseudo old-fashioned language gets a bit annoying, but once that is ignored, the story is mildly entertaining. Nothing earth-shattering or original, but an ok fantasy. The constant adventures are a bit tiring too, distractions from the main story that dont always add anything to the plot. But despite all that, I did enjoy the read. On to book number three.